Nuova Officina Tessili s.r.l.

aims to offer services in synergy with the customers’ needs and to provide quality, cost and time optimization.
La nuova Officine Tessili acts just after the rough outline phase. In the strictest confidence, it completes a process which leads to the production of the model, of the prototype and whenever possible of the related samples.
Starting from the rough outline the process goes on as follows:
• model reconstruction in computer graphics
• use of a special program releasing a photographic idea of the aesthetic quality and wearability of the garment
Weaving and tailoring times are optimized based on the first prototype in order to reach the best manufacturing efficiency.
All subsequent steps, from garment ironing and packaging, take place within Nuova Officina Tessili, ensuring maximum protection of the industrial secrets.
The innovative manufacturing process is performed by using 15 new generation textile machines and 3 graphic stations with dedicated software, which are managed by in-house programmers in order to fully assess the costs and the feasibility. This process is also equipped with a management software providing reserved access to the customers.
Based on a proved know-how, resulting from its experience, ability and competence, the company proceeds on its growing path with the ultimate goal of winning those customers who love the Made in Italy manufacturing.

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